Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lizzie releases premier single “Spandex Shine”

Lizzie, a neo disco band from the United Kingdom, has released their premier dance single, “Spandex Shine.”

Lizzie, a neo disco band from the United Kingdom, has released their premier single, “Spandex Shine.” The track is a low fidelity digital dance wonder spun from synth effects in the late 1970s and early '80s style. It features a one-two beat, electronic claps, and all the bells and whistles that once whirled spandex-clad divas across the flashing colored squares of the disco floor. Much like the (what was considered) high tech, futuristic sounds of the original disco club composers, Lizzie's single sounds as if it were played by R2D2 and a Commodore 64 computer in collaboration, but according to the band, themselves, this is incorrect. Lizzie's “Spandex Shine” is actually performed by two pairs of disembodied legs once belonging to female mannequins, and a duo of disco balls.

Believe it or not, this is not a concept album.

According to Lizzie, band members Les, Inge, Zoe, and Ed met in a clothing department store and conspired to use computers at the check-out counter to produce music such as “Spandex Shine.” The discerning observer will also mark that the band name, Lizzie, is also an acronym for the members' names (so long as the legs are counted twice, one letter per appendage). Apparently, they wrote the single as an homage to their favorite fabric.

“Inge and Zoe just love to fool around in spandex leggings,” writes an anonymous Lizzie representative (Les or Ed, perhaps?). “The balls like it too, but don't wear it much. They only roll around and watch.”

The general tone of the single is intended to celebrate Lizzie's new-found joy for moving around, as well as the singular sensation of change.

Lizzie lists as influences Electric Light Orchestra, Model 500, Giorgio Moroder, The Chemical Brothers, Tomita, and The Juan Maclean, all of which are represented in one manner or another in “Spandex Shine,” although in the end the Lizzie sound is their own, their music being composed mainly from a bizarre mix of patterned repetition and chaotic randomness. The result is indeed extremely danceable.

“Spandex Shine” by Lizzie is available worldwide beginning February 14, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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