Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DJ Narc releases new single 'The Doppler Effect'


The international composer of electronic dance music known as DJ Narc has released his third consecutive official single for 2013, titled, “The Doppler Effect.” The track follows in the footsteps of DJ Narc's popular modern house tracks, “Sonic Accelerations, published December 1, and “Narcharmonic Voyage,” which appeared in November. Each original DJ Narc song has its own mood, tone, tempo, and resulting character.

Bearing subtle differences from the former two titles, “The Doppler Effect” by DJ Narc retains the thread of his own personality with which he infuses all of his music to help create a consistently high level of fun everywhere his music is played. “The Doppler Effect” is rooted in the old-school tradition of electronic dance music which is often called house EDM, yet Narc has also created melodies using electronic pop instrumentation such as what was used in the 1980s.

As Narc describes it in his own words, “This is an upbeat track that kind of reminds you of an '80s joint with the synthesizers, but has the current upbeat house music feel to it.”

The revival of the '80s sound in electronic dance music has been gaining in strength and momentum since circa 2005, when composers of the emerging dubstep subgenre began populating their songs with the digital bleeps and bloops of 8-bit video game music. Since that time, synth pop has rapidly taken the place of indie rock for non-digital music fans, and DJ Narc has joined the movement by joining the synth tone to his signature house music style.

DJ Narc (often stylized NARC) is shorthand for Narc Narcisse. Narc cites as main artistic influences such artists as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Calvin Harris. He graduated from UCLA with a science degree, and is known to occasionally name his tracks after key principles of physics. In this instance, the Doppler effect or Doppler shift is the change in frequency of a wave for an observer moving relative to its source.

At 128 beats per minute, “The Doppler Effect” is a surefire way to get a dance floor airborne.

“The Doppler Effect” by DJ Narc is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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