Sunday, December 1, 2013

Off the Wall Band releases new single 'Aloha Oahu North Shore'


The rock band of surf music known as the Off the Wall Band have released their newest rock single, titled, “Aloha Oahu North Shore.” The song has an approximate total listening time of four minutes, and has been independently released online around the world. A heavy-hitting rock song with elements of classic rock and heavy metal, as well as alternative rock, “Aloha Oahu North Shore” is a track that is not to be missed by rock fans, surfers and non-surfers alike.

The Off the Wall Band is led by the musician, composer, producer and former regional surfing champion from South Brazil known as Manglio Bertolucci. Bertolucci, in addition to having been the first surfer in his state to run the ASP Tour Championship, is also well known for having been the radio broadcaster and DJ in the “Surf About,” a regional classic radio show for surf music and news.

Off the Wall Band cite as main artistic influences such musicians as Wishbone Ash, Spy vs. Spy, and Australian Crawl. Of these, Wishbone Ash features most prominently in their own performing and recording style, particularly in the case of “Aloha Oahu North Shore.”

Speaking of the themes explored in “Aloha Oahu North Shore,” Bertolucci writes, “The song 'Aloha Oahu North Shore' brings out the real feeling and adrenaline of a big rider’s experience on an epic surfing day in Hawaii. This song is also a tribute to the main beaches of the North Shore of Oahu! It is a new release from the Off The Wall Band. This music is totally inspired by Hawaii’s surf.”

Off the Wall Band began in 1990 and has recently reformed after more than a decade without new releases. Bertolucci´s songs for the Off The Wall band are mostly about the thrill and joy of surfing, but there are also romantic songs about true love and passion. Until now, their most prominent release to date has been “Hawaiian Dream,” which achieved much regional fame in the 1990s.

“Aloha Oahu North Shore” by the Off the Wall Band is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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