Sunday, December 1, 2013

DJ Narc releases new single 'Sonic Accelerations'


The international DJ known as DJ Narc has released his latest single, titled, “Sonic Accelerations.” The track is the most significant release from DJ Narc (often stylized, NARC) since his other two late 2013 releases, “Narcharmonic Voyage” and “Narcharmonic Orchestra,” the latter of which was DJ Narc's surprise and popular debut single.

The style of “Sonic Accelerations” remains founded and rooted in the same instrumentation and composition as DJ Narc (full name, Narc Narcisse) has implemented in his other tracks, yet this time, the pounding, pumping rhythms are very outwardly intended for the dancefloor, whereas “Narcharmonic Voyage” was a track listeners could “vibe to in a lounge setting,” and intentionally “something chill,” according to the composer, himself.

This new song, however, writes Narc Narcisse, “ for sure a party track meant to get people off the seats jumping up and down and of course fist pumping!”

At 128 beats per minute and nearly five minutes' worth of excellent electronic dance listening, “Sonic Accelerations” by Narc Narcisse is sure to get hands in the air.

Narc, himself, is a classically educated man with a great many talents, prominently in the athletic and science fields. His knack for science is touched on by the title of his new piece, as described by the man, himself.

“Basically, I'm a physicist,” he writes. “I got my bachelor of science degree in physics at UCLA in 2001 and taught high school physics (regular, honors and AP physics) at two elite private high schools in West LA. I quit teaching in June to focus more on my music, but the title is basically a shout out to my physics background.”

The physics of the song are broken down thus: sonic = sound; acceleration = the rate of change in velocity.

This is entirely apt for the track, itself, as sonic acceleration is precisely what occurs in the first minute of the track. Having begun with a mellow, pulsing beat, Narc's song builds steadily until it is a heart-racing torrent of tunes. Truly another exciting and fun composition from DJ Narc, “Sonic Accelerations” is not to be missed.

“Sonic Accelerations” by DJ Narc is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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