Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toxic Head release new EP 'Toxic Head'


The heavy metal crew known as Toxic Head have released their debut EP record, “Toxic Head.” The album is comprised of three original Toxic Head songs, including an eponymous title track, for an approximate total listening time of 12 minutes. The album has been released on the Smash Attack Records music label. It is the most significant official release from Toxic Head to date, and stands as a global introduction of themselves to the heavy-metal culture at large.

Toxic Head, a three-piece band playing heavy metal in the classic '80s and early '90s sound, are from Australia. They cite as main artistic influences only three bands, Metallica, Disturbed, and Megadeth, in that order. The inspiration of these groups is instantaneously obvious in original music by Toxic Head. Their ability to channel the adrenaline and intensity of the old metal tone is uncanny, and certain improvements on the classic style have even been made. The characteristic growl of Metallica's James Hetfield was not always believable, for instance, whereas vocals by Toxic Head's Dave Rex are consistently heavy-hitting.

Though offering a fresh, unique sonic perspective on what metal can be, Toxic Head are still avowed fanatics of the original titans of rock.

“We all grew up listening to metal,” writes Toxic Head, “so it was only natural to start a band. We were brought together by our love of classic metal and a desire to do something new, heavy and awesome!”

The themes of Toxic Head music range widely in both moral and meaning. They comment, “Lyrics are frequently dark and brooding, and vary from deeply personal to social commentary and beyond, often expressing an anarchistic view.”

For those who may not understand the concept of anarchy as a force for good, Toxic Head lay it out in plain English: “We want to energize the audience, inspire them to think for themselves and fight adversity!”

Toxic Head are Dave Rex, Michelle Maxx and Mike “Sexy” Hunt.

“Toxic Head” by Toxic Head is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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