Thursday, December 5, 2013

Main Street Lights release new EP 'The Piñata Project'


The Orange County rockers known as Main Street Lights have released their debut extended-play album, titled, “The Piñata Project.” The record is comprised of three introductory tracks for an approximate total listening time of 11 minutes. It has been released on the Main Street Records music label. An upbeat and vivifying record full of irresistible and infectious optimism, “The Piñata Project” represents an enthusiastically satisfying introduction to this endlessly fun, new-school punk band from Southern California.

Main Street Lights cite as main artistic influences Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, New Found Glory, and Foo Fighters. Of these, two of the five have strong ties to Orange County, where the '90s “new-school” punk rock sound was primarily founded. Bands such as Pennywise, Guttermouth, Offspring and NOFX made way for a new, melodic sound that became the mainstay of bands like Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World, who played mostly in the major scale and had largely positive tones.

“Our interest in music stems from being at the right place at the right time,” write Main Street Lights. “Local Orange County bands were becoming popular as we entered our teen years. The grunge scene had faded and bands were now singing about material the youth could relate to. This equation of local music being recognized on a national scale and the formation of the [Vans] Warped Tour in our own backyard struck a chord with our generation.”

Taking cues from the music that surrounded them growing up, Main Street Lights populates their music with plenty of vocal harmonies and the occasional, hardcore-style breakdown, though grim seriousness is not on the menu for their “Piñata Project” EP. This is music to smile and tap your foot to, not to deeply consider and dissect for lyrical symbolism.

“While we do strive to be relatable, we prefer not to tie the listener down to the lyrics,” comments Main Street Lights. “Allowing the words to capture an emotion or idea is more important than telling you what we, personally, are talking about. We believe that if you leave room for interpretation, the song can be more personal to the listener.”

The result is a record that shows its cards in the first ten seconds, and endears itself to the music fan by the end of the first song. “The Piñata Project” is genuinely heartfelt pop punk from veterans of the latter-day Orange County scene that proves, sometimes there's just nothing better than a feel-good song with a one-two beat.

“The Piñata Project” by Main Street Lights is available online worldwide beginning 5 December 2013. Get in early.

Main Street Lights are James Gubersky (Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar) / Joe Garcia (Vocals/Bass) / Max Caraveo (Lead Guitar) / Manny Orozco (Drums)

Main Street Lights are in the process of producing their debut LP record and encourage their fans to send comments. “We love communication from the people who enjoy our music! Reach out to us and we will talk back.”

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