Thursday, December 26, 2013

Maddy Engh releases new album 'A Babe of Her Own'


The chanteuse of country and bluegrass known as Maddy Engh has released her latest record, titled, “A Babe of Her Own.” Being comprised of seven original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes, the album lies somewhere between a long extended-play and a shorter LP record. “A Babe of Her Own” by Maddy Engh has been released on the SMT Records music label, which has been gaining in both scope and recognition since its rise to prominence in the independent country music scene. In addition to Engh, SMT also sports the work of such renowned and well-respected country and bluegrass artists as Karen B Martin and “Bad Boy” Troy Tipton.

Madeleine “Maddy” Engh makes her music on her small farm near Mission, British Columbia. She cites as main artistic influences such singer-songwriters as Hank Snow, Johnny and June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Wilf Carter. Intuitively, her own style is a genuine, contemporary example of true American folk music, usually categorized in the bluegrass or country genres. Her trilling, natural voice is delicately feminine and pretty, yet strong and sonorous as well. Engh characterizes her guitar-and-vocals sound as that of a “front porch plunker,” which humble stage was, of course, the actual birthplace of bluegrass, country and folk music to begin with.

Asked to describe the themes discussed in her new album, Engh writes simply, “The simple things in life are still the most important things.”

The title track of her record, “A Babe of Her Own,” was written by Engh while watching her young granddaughter picking daisies in the field, just as her daughter had done at the same age. It is merely one of over 300 songs composed by Engh, who is now 77, yet the album represents her official debut as a published musician on a record label. The album, originally recorded as a demo to showcase her songs to artists in need of material, garnered much attention as naturally performed by Engh, herself. It was appropriately released as an album – or “babe” – of her own.

“This is not for recognition,” writes Engh, “nor is it for fame and fortune – this is the realization of my dream to someday have my music recorded. I went into a studio, had some fun, and came out with an album.”

“A Babe of Her Own” by Maddy Engh is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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