Monday, December 16, 2013

Kaperka releases new single 'Aquatic Form'


The composer of digital music known as Kaperka has released his newest official single, titled, “Aquatic Form.” The single has been released on the GronTapu music records label. The debut release for Kaperka under his new professional moniker, “Aquatic Form” has been released with an official B-side track, “Serene Sky.” The songs have an approximate combined listening time of eight minutes, more than enough to represent an excellent introduction to this veteran of sound from Suriname.

Kaperka cites as main artistic influences such artists as the Prodigy, Photek, Roni Size, Amon Tobin, Bjork, Yanni, Pat Metheny, Acoustic Alchemy, Robert Groman, Sonny Khoeblal, Robertino van Bochove and Mozart. From these his own sound takes an ethereal, ambient and natural sound that does not sound obviously digital. His moods are colorful and warm, and his creativity flows through them with a vibrancy not unlike the water which forms one of the central symbols of his new single. His songs are instrumental, so that, in his own words, “every listener can add their own message to the music.”

However, he writes, “As this is my first official single release ever, I wanted to do something special.
The meaning of the word 'kaperka' is butterfly. 'Aquatic' means being in water. What is the connection between water and a butterfly? What can Kaperka’s 'Aquatic Form' be? The answer is the butterfly stroke, by Anthony Nesty.”

Anthony Nesty, a former competition swimmer from Suriname, became an Olympic gold medalist for his sterling performance in the 1988 100-meter butterfly event. Nesty's famous triumph came after winning a razor-close finish against the United States titan, Matt Biondi. Contemporary champion Michael Phelps was likened to Anthony Nesty in 2008.

“An alternate name of 'Aquatic Form,'” writes Kaperka, “could be: 'The Sound of Working Hard, Leading up to Victory.'”

As Kaperka's butterfly stroke imagery suggests, his “Serene Sky” represents a place a butterfly might go for peace and quiet.

“Just close your eyes and see where it leads you,” Kaperka suggests.

“Aquatic Form” and “Serene Sky” by Kaperka are available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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