Thursday, December 19, 2013

World Wide Records releases new EP 'Studio Cuts'


The South-New-Jersey record label known as World Wide Records will release its newest official EP album, titled, “Studio Cuts,” in April of 2014. Pre-sales are being offered at the official World Wide Records website (link provided below).

The EP is comprised of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 25 minutes. An eclectic, widely varied collection of styles and sounds from World Wide Records recording artists, “Studio Cuts” includes “Belong to You” by Nessa, the Klubjumpers Radio Mix of “Secret Love” by Zach, “Forever” by Peter Antal, the Klubjumpers Spanish Radio Mix of “Whoa” by Apache, “Never Let You Go,” by Nessa, and “Dream” by DJ Flipcyide and Young Thunder. The “Studio Cuts” collection may be roughly categorized as electronic dance music, pop, and dance pop.

World Wide Recordings (often stylized World WIDE Recordings) is renowned for bringing fresh, new talent to the underground music scenes of a large number of widely varied music subgenres. Songs by World Wide Recordings artists have been featured in commercials and on television, as well as on Internet and conventional radio stations in many different locales. The music label will celebrate its 10th anniversary of active operations in 2014.

“World WIDE Recordings provides opportunities to aspiring singers, songwriters, producers and musicians to share passions that might otherwise go undiscovered,” states their official Facebook page.
“We provide music, film, music video distribution, publishing and artist promotion – while allowing you to focus on creating great songs for the public. We are a diverse company that provides opportunities to all nationalities and for all music genres.”

This emphasis on musical diversity makes great strides on their new “Studio Cuts” EP, which has flavors from the singer-songwriter, hip-hop, electronic, pop, and rap genres of music. Each track is cut from top-shelf performances and polished with superb studio production for an excellent all-around listen no matter where the music fan's taste may lie.

“Studio Cuts” from World Wide Recordings becomes available online worldwide 10 April 2014. Be sure to visit their music video page at, as well as their official website, link provided below.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


Website - (Click ENTER for album sales)

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