Saturday, November 30, 2013

Music distributor MondoTunes announces exclusive Internet radio station


The music distribution company known as MondoTunes LLC has announced their exclusive Internet radio station, MondoTunes radio. The station will be hosted by MondoTunes and showcase only those artists who have been distributed by MondoTunes worldwide. The station, which is slated for a release in December of 2013, will be the first of its kind to expose musicians directly from their online music distribution company, rather than from music outlets and traditional, DJ-hosted radio programs.

An official short video has been released by the company for public viewing here.

“Our primary goal is to expose our artists’ music to not just new fans, but also our vast network of industry participants,” the official MondoTunes site states. “These include licensing supervisors, major label A&R representatives, national and international booking agents, and artist management firms.”

As the only global music distributor who provides advertisement and professional marketing for their artists, MondoTunes has been quickly surpassing other online distribution companies such as CD Baby and TuneCore to become the favorite of signed and unsigned artists worldwide. Now with the advent of their innovative MondoTunes radio station, artists will garner more visibility than has been previously available to them through official channels, their options having been limited to self-promotion through sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud.

MondoTunes artists will be able to place their music in circulation on MondoTunes Radio for 3.99 USD per month, and will keep 100% of their rights and ownership, as has been Mondo's policy since their inception. Artists played on MondoTunes Radio will receive real-time statistics for their plays, such as daily and monthly numbers, and how many times their tracks have been marked “favorite” by listeners. Links will be provided on the radio to featured music for purchase.

MondoTunes Exclusive Radio will become available for public listening December 2013 / January 2014.

-S. McCauley

MondoTunes ( supplies the largest music distribution in the world and provides upstream services for many major labels in search of breakout artists. While most independent distributors reach only 45-50 retailers despite charging needless monthly and yearly fees, MondoTunes reaches over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 world regions without any monthly or yearly fees.

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