Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DJ Narc releases new single 'Narcharmonic Voyage'


The electronic dance music DJ and composer known as DJ Narc has released his newest EDM single, titled, “Narcharmonic Voyage.” “Narcharmonic Voyage” is the much awaited followup track to DJ Narc's autumn 2013 debut, “Narcharmonic Orchestra.” Much like “...Orchestra,” “Narcharmonic Voyage” is a mellow digital music composition full of the groove and style that Narc's international base of loyal fans have come to expect from him.

Speaking of his inspiration for “Narcharmonic Voyage,” DJ Narc writes that he intended it to bring listeners, “Something they can vibe to in a lounge setting. Something chill that gets your head bobbing.”

This has been the modus operandi for DJ Narc (full name, Narc Narcisse) since his official debut, and listeners have much more to expect from him in the coming months, as the “Narcharmonic” series will include enough material to fill an extended-play album. He has cited as artistic influences the EDM genre as a whole, as well as Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris and many others, though he also notes that the present release is not related to their particular style and tone.

DJ Narc's own style lends itself most intuitively to a nightclub atmosphere but makes for excellent listening in nearly every conceivable circumstance. Populated with a jazzy, cool spaciousness that leaves plenty of room for each well-phrased melody and beat, “Narcharmonic Voyage” is mood music that makes for an incredibly classy atmosphere, something most EDM cannot accomplish.

DJ Narc Narcisse was born in New York City to Haitian parents but grew up in Paris, France. He moved to Southern California after spending two years at Pennsylvania’s Lock Haven University. His typical set is varied and on different nights includes tracks from the electronic dance music genre, top-40, pop, hip hop, funk, and still other categories. His summer 2013 tour saw him spinning in Los Angeles, New York, Scotland, Greece, London and Paris. He is fluent in French and English, and gets by in Spanish and Haitian creole.

“Narcharmonic Voyage” by DJ Narc is available online worldwide beginning 15 November 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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