Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ZibraZibra release new LP '777 (Deluxe Edition)'


The wildly creative synth music rockers known as ZibraZibra have released their popular sophomore LP album, “777,” in an all-new deluxe edition. The deluxe edition contains fully one hour of excellent music listening in 20 original tracks, including the 12 first published as the “777” LP. The deluxe edition has been made available for a very small amount more than the original record, and features eight bonus songs for an approximate total listening time of twenty minutes between them. The bonus tracks also include the new title track to the deluxe edition, “777.”

The first edition of “777” by ZibraZibra appeared in July of 2007, between their debut record release, “The End of the Lion” and their November 2013 LP, “Mr. Synthetic.” The new album has been released on the Royalty, Etc. music record label, as has the entirety of the ZibraZibra repertoire.

ZibraZibra is from the much underrated Minnesota indie music underground (Minneapolis and Stockholm, respectively) where their exponentially growing fan base has been following them for the better part of a decade. Their style mixes late seventies and early eighties pop rock acts such as Prince, Queen, Devo, and incorporates a smattering of the old-school hip-hop sound. They have been featured live on national television and have released official music videos as well, debuted by their 2007 video, “Cruisin'.”

They are at least as well known for their outlandish neon costumes, largely constructed out of spandex, as they are for their catchy, danceable music. A healthy dose of good humor also suffuses the ZibraZibra sound, and a listen-through of any of their releases is undeniably fun, unstoppably optimistic, and absolutely worth the price of admission – particularly when they are offering eight bonus tracks on the new deluxe edition for merely .50 cents more at Amazon.

“777 (Deluxe Edition)” from ZibraZibra is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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