Monday, November 18, 2013

Moscow Streetkids release new LP 'Moscow Streetkids'


The European hip-hop and funk band known as “Moscow Streetkids” have released their new, self-titled LP record album, “Moscow Streetkids.” The album is comprised of eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. Songs include the title track, “Moscow Streetkids,” “Radio Fellatio,” “With Us,” “They Talk,” “Success,” “Mental States,” “What I See,” and “Groove Nation.” Official music videos have also been released for viewing by the public for the “Moscow Streetkids” and “Success” singles.

The band, which blends the style and sound of hip hop with the groove and energy of funk, is made up of Zeyn, Karim “P-Funk” Ben Haddou, and Angie Ray singing vocals, Peter Deneke on guitar, Oystein “iRock” Jenssen on bass, Zuhair “Zu-City” Ben Haddou on drums and percussion, and Matthias Franck on keyboards. The band has been active since May of 2011. Their local and international fan bases have been steadily growing since that time, particularly since the release of their preceding demo tape, which presaged the current LP release.

The lyrical themes of “Moscow Streetkids” tend toward the intellectual, with many songs discussing such topics as global politics, social awareness, and other hot-button issues of import to the thinking person today. Still, their music is full of good humor and brevity. Iconoclastic, direct, and often irreverent, most of their songs on their debut, self-titled record are stamped with the “Parental Advisory, Explicit Lyrics” sticker.

“Moscow Streetkids” is an extremely well-produced record garnering high marks across the spectrum. Their performances are top-notch, the mix and mastering are flawless, and each song has been impeccably written and arranged. For audiophiles not yet acquainted with this crew of geniuses from the Denmark area, one could hardly do better than this remarkable first offering from Moscow Streetkids.

“Moscow Streetkids” by Moscow Streetkids is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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