Monday, November 25, 2013

Circuit release new LP record 'Codes'


The London music crew known as Circuit have released their newest LP record album, titled, “Codes.” The album is comprised of eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. A rollicking, ingenious, painstakingly orchestrated record that draws from nearly every available genre of music, Circuit's “Codes” is an achievement bespeaking musical creative greatness and genuine artistic integrity in its each and every attribute.

Circuit, who boast a whopping nine members, cite as main artistic influences such titans of composition as Bjork, Pink Floyd, Gyorgy Ligeti, Django Bates, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. As likely seems intuitive therefore, their music is intellectually satisfying in the utmost, but also grounded in a carefree, no-frills tone that carries a raw, garage-band feel.

This sonic whimsicality, combined with the complex textures of jazz music and the movement-based composition of classical music, results in a kind of experimental rock that can earnestly be described as an alternative to alternative music, as well as something truly new: alternative-alternative, as it were.

“We are all graduates from different music colleges and universities across the UK and Europe,” Circuit writes, “but our music background is different. Some of us studied jazz, whereas the others did classical music or sonic-arts courses, along with playing for years with other bands – everything from pop, rock, jazz and classical music to free-improv and live music for theatre and dance performances.”

In addition to being musical brain candy (as opposed to brain 'food' – Circuit is more fun) “Codes” by Circuit is a lyrically deliberate and poetic collection of songs.

“The album shares a lot of different messages with its listeners,” they write, “from highlighting the problem of over-consumption and mechanization of all aspects of life in today’s western society, to a piece about Nikola Tesla and his madnesses in relation to his genius side.”

Like a novel by James Joyce, the album is chock full with signs and symbols. Its title is both literal and figurative.

“'The Codes' contains coded messages using 3 different types of codes,” Circuit write of their title track. “'Thank You from the Mountain' is a song using a literal translation from Polish to English as the basis of a word-play, and some surreal confusion caused by that.”

“Codes” by Circuit is available online worldwide. It has been released with an official music video for “Thank You from the Mountain,” viewable from their official website at

Get in early, audiophiles. Indeed, get there hours early.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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