Thursday, November 14, 2013

Negative Nancy releases new song 'Apples'


The pop rock ensemble from Ystad, Sweden known as Negative Nancy have released their latest single, “Apples.” The single is the most significant official track to be internationally released from the band to date, and is already making headlines in the English speaking world and elsewhere. A clean-channel rock song with elements of ska in their inimitable style, “Apples” is an impassioned single with endless amounts of pop groove from this skyrocketing northern European crew.

Negative Nancy cite as main artistic influences such popular bands as The Wombats, Kings of Leon, and Hoffmaestro. Their mood is uniformly optimistic and warm, with occasional moments of tenderness and aggression, alternately. The themes of their new single revolve around self-reflection and changing ideals as one grows out of young adulthood.

“The single 'Apples' is all about a bad circle in life,” writes Negative Nancy's representation. “You work hard to be able to pay for all the bad choices you make, like alcohol, etc. [When you're young, you're pretending to be smart, not caring about school... When you are young you don’t understand the value of knowledge.”

Negative Nancy have been playing music since high school. Their broad musical interests blend and diverge across their quickly growing repertoire to create a wide variation in tone, style and timbre. Their songs are composed by each of the members jointly, and their songs appeal to listeners of every age bracket.

In 2013, Negative Nancy signed up for the Emergenza-festival-competition and won both the Swedish and Nordic finals up to the international final at the Taubertal Open-Air festival in Germany.

LiveArtists and Per Hall signed a management deal with the band in 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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