Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kim Therkildsen releases new EP 'Salary Man Live' and single 'Suitcase By The Door'


The singer and songwriter known as Kim Therkildsen has released his new EP, “Salary Man Live” and concurrent single, “Suitcase By The Door.” The EP is comprised of three original Therkildsen songs, “Broken Circle,” “Soldier of Fortune,” and two renditions of the title track, “Salary Man,” all of which cuts have been recorded live for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. Both the extended-play album and the single have been released on the FoCo Music records label. Collectively a set of folk, country and traditional rock 'n' roll acoustic tracks loaded with groove and soul, “Salary Man Live” and “Suitcase by the Door” are destined to place this musician from Norway on the global map.

Kim Therkildsen's style is rooted in many American music styles, rock, blues, and country most predominantly, with also a dash of boogie and ballads. His voice is rich and natural in tone and timbre, with a drawl that often sounds reminiscent of Elvis Presley crossed with Waylon Jennings. He cites as main artistic influences such legends as Ry Cooder, James Taylor, Little Feat, and Willie Nelson, but notes also that, “The list goes on forever.”

Upon being asked to expand on the themes inherent in these new releases, Therkildsen writes that the overall message is to, “Enjoy life, be happy, but beware of hard times ahead.” His single, “Suitcase by the Door” is his personal testament of life and playing music on tour.

Therkildsen has been playing music since the 1970s, making him one of the old-school professionals with experience running bone deep. Having begun guitar playing at 17, his name is now well-known in Norway, where he has been playing for many years. He gained popularity with both his trio, the Harmophones, and his quintet, Get Rhythm! The last decade has seen him playing with P.G. Roness in their popular duo, Løse Jakker (Loose Jackets).

He entered his first official music contest at 55 with his autobiographical single, “Suitcase by the Door.” He was selected by Bandwagon over 12 other bands in their regional finals.

The EP, “Salary Man Live,” and the single, “Suitcase by the Door,” by Kim Therkildsen are available online worldwide beginning 15 November 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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