Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jason Stokes releases debut single 'Criminal'


The composer of electronic dance music known as Jason Stokes has released his official debut single, “Criminal.” The track comes as an impressive and happy surprise to Stokes' nearly 1.8 million followers on his popular YouTube channel, MinecraftUniverse, to which he has uploaded 748 videos to date. A joyous, spacious, rambunctious and high-octane dance track with catchy melody hooks and plenty of carefully-selected samples, “Criminal” is a remarkably talented dance track from one of the scene's newest and most creative minds.

Stokes cites as main artistic influences such EDM acts as Hardwell, Tiesto, and RL Grime. His own sound, while in the same tonal vein as Tiesto and company, is populated with chord progressions and effects that bespeak an acute understanding of progressive house music. His composition shows a tasteful affinity for leaving room between notes and beats, and this clever use of silence causes every sample, tone, and burst of sound to pop out of the song in three dimensions. The track is upbeat, uplifting, and absolutely, positively fun.

Stokes writes candidly about his beginning in EDM production.

“I’ve always desired to make my own music,” he writes. “At the age of 11, I made it my mission to figure out how to create my own sound using only the computer. Eventually, I stumbled across a program called FL Studio. I knew absolutely nothing about music at that point, so I decided to somehow teach myself to the best of my abilities. It has now been over 7 years since I began, and I’m proud to announce 'Criminal' as my first song.”

He credits technology in general for giving him access to music and musical knowledge.

“Fascinated with technology, I taught myself music, film, editing, and so much more. Without the internet, I wouldn’t know anything about that stuff now.”

His thriving YouTube fan base at MinecraftUniverse has garnered him more of a listening public than most successful rock stars have ever enjoyed.

“My most popular single has sold over 25,000 times, streamed over 100,000 times, has nearly two million views on YouTube, and has made it to #1 [in the electronic genre] ahead of many major artists,” Stokes writes. “It has really motivated me to continue working on making my music even better.”

“Criminal” is Stokes' first single officially released under his own name, rather than as the operator of MinecraftUniverse.

“I’m really excited to make more content for my fans,” the artist declares, “and I hope they stick with me as I merge into making music for more than just my YouTube channel.”

“Criminal” by Jason Stokes is available online worldwide. Don't be the only one to miss it.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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