Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Triple Threat release new LP record 'Triple Threat Vol.1'


The hip-hop artists known as Triple Threat have released their new, full-length LP record, titled, “Triple Threat Vol. 1.” The record has been released on the Uno Music Group record label. “Triple Threat Vol. 1” is preceded by the popular hip-hop single from the album, titled, “Wildin Stylin,” which began turning heads in the American East Coast hip-hop underground scene in September of 2013.

Triple Threat is the professional stage name of the collaboration which includes Slick Fif, A-Flamez, Steve Young, and Jay Uno.

“Something for everybody on this album,” Uno writes. “[This is a] street record, something to party to, or even something to listen to with your lady.”

True to form, “Triple Threat Vol. 1” has tracks of all shapes and sizes, some as heavy-hitting as pipes on pavement, others as smooth and chill as a Motown soul song.

Triple Threat cite as main artistic influences such artists as the Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Big Pun, Nas, Big L, and Rakim, “just to name a few.” Together, they aim to bring back the traditional hip-hop principles. In a digital world full of wanna-bes with varying degrees of talent, they intend to remind hip hop of its roots in the loudest possible way.

“Hip hop has come a long way since its origin in 1970s Bronx,” their official bio reads. “Today, the world of hip hop is drowning in emcees flooding the internet and news feeds with videos and posts. Neighborhood street corners were once the stage for rap battles, but today with just a click of a mouse, rappers thousands of miles apart can go at it face to face.

In today's hip hop world, you aren’t just competing with the best emcee on your block, but with the best emcees in the nation. Today you have to be a little more than just a 'rapper,' do a little more than just make songs, and think a little broader than your local rap scene.”

Triple Threat is actually a crew created by three US hip-hop companies, Uno Music Group, Loyalty Over Everything and Space Kamp Entertainment.

“We're here to change the game and show that it can be done with the way the hip-hop game has changed,” Uno writes. “So get in tune with these companies, ’cause there’s a lot to come.”

“Triple Threat,” by Jay Uno, Slick Fif, A-Flamez, and Steve Young is available online worldwide beginning 22 November 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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