Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And the Raven releases new LP record 'In Triangles'


The composer of synth and digital music known as And the Raven has released his latest LP album, titled, “In Triangles.” The album is comprised of 11 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 46 minutes. It has been released on the Wolf Sheep Records music label. An arresting, vivifying record that suggests new subgenres of music as much as it crosses their borders, “In Triangles” is not only sure to put And the Raven on the map, but also certain to become one of the most influential electronic records of the modern day.

Toronto's And the Raven is led by mastermind composer, producer and engineer, Brandon DeLyzer, who in his official bio calls the project, “a Hydra-like collaboration of many rotating minds and voices, [which] sustains the raw energy past its roots. Fresh heads, new ideas.” The simile is appropriate because he invites new singers to collaborate with him for each track, and works with them so closely as to literally compose his songs around the feel and mood of the vocalist in question.

“When I clicked with someone,” he comments, “we’d become friends, talk music and ideas. I began to write songs that catered to the singer’s voice and style without worrying about if next song I would write would be too different than the last person I worked with. Either that or I could write a track knowing that I’d find someone soon who would fit it.”

Each singer gets a pseudonym of their own choosing. His And the Raven project originally got its name from the artist attributions, which read, “Petit-Loup and the Raven,” “Cinder, Remington, and the Raven,” et cetera.

“I want The Raven project to be as much about the people I work with as it is about me,” he insists. “No matter how known or unknown the singer is, I make each new vocalist come up with their own moniker, an alter-ego. That alter-ego becomes the focus of the song, which is why that moniker always comes before The Raven in the artist name... The less the project is about me, the more freedom I have to do what I want. It’s a project that can’t run out of momentum. It can’t die.”

The result is a sonic collage that explodes with ingenuity and versatility, yet retains Raven's consistent undertones throughout. His instrumentation is a gorgeous, rare balance of digital and analog.

“One thing I didn’t like about a lot of electronic music,” he writes, “was that it didn’t have the same intimacy as something with real instrumentation. So I started to use '60s amps, Wurlitzers, grand pianos, and rare vintage outboard gear to make my sounds blend together like they would if I was recording a rock band. I wanted it to sound natural.”

“In Triangles” by And the Raven is available online worldwide beginning 22 November 2013. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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