Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rapper Mason releases new EP 'Candy Flippin'


The rapper from the US East Coast known as Mason has released his latest EP hip-hop record, titled, “Candy Flippin.” The record is comprised of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes and includes “Bookoo,” “Go On Green,” “Drive Me Nuts,” “Lift Me Up” and “ Glory Is Gold.” It has been released on the 11:11 Movement music records label. The “Candy Flippin” EP is Mason's most significant official release since his popular January 2013 record, “The Dark Side.”

Mason's signature style is marked by intelligent lyrics, deep grooves and rock-solid back beats. His urban poetry commands the stage even with excellent and widely varied melodies backing him, and the production level on “Candy Flippin” is executed with razor-sharp precision, making this collection of Mason material among his best-recorded music to date.

The lyrics that Mason writes come from an educated background and and endless supply of open-minded thinking.

I’ve never seen time as linear,” he writes in his official bio, “but I also didn’t always believe in destiny. Now I have one and I walk through everyday without a question.”

This destiny bloomed before him in an unlikely manner.

While doin’ laundry I randomly felt compelled to write a song,” he writes. “I had written poetry in the past but this was a song. For the first time I found melodies that I loved as much as words and together they formed a chorus that spoke to me. That moment changed everything...”

The obvious care that goes into Mason's mixtapes and albums stems from a genuine passion for his art. He writes of this, “I love music. I’ll literally give my life for it. I figuratively already have. One day the world will hear the whole story. It’s full of struggle, insanity, rage and unorthodox focus under constant distraction.”

“Candy Flippin” by Mason is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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