Saturday, November 30, 2013

Team VSR releases new single 'The Fall'


The composers of electronic music known as Team VSR have released their latest single, titled, “The Fall.” The track is a shadowy electro song that blends attributes of post-industrial and drum 'n' bass music with elements of dubstep, and which features the talents of VSR friend, Mimi Wallman. It has been released on the Edgin Entertainment music label. “The Fall” is the most significant Team VSR single to be released in recent months, and has already been turning heads in the EDM underground for being a new and unique spin on what has come to be one of the world's most popular modern music genres.

Team VSR's “The Fall” is notable in that it marries the dubstep sound to far darker emotions than are typically found in EDM music.

“The live performances are more exercises in aggression release than glow sticks and pacifiers,” reads their official artist's bio. “Playing their songs through guitar amps and creating walls of sound that only Phil Spector could have dreamt of in his studio, Team VSR take electronic music to a new level, a level of visceral appeal and catharsis unlike anything experienced outside of the metal genre and definitely not felt in electronic music in general.”

This innovative, sharp edge to their feel comes from some surprising musical inspirations. Team VSR cite as main artistic influences such punk-rock and hardcore acts as Black Flag, the Exploited, and Youth of Today, as well as old-school geniuses of the electronic, nee “techno,” sound, such as the KLF (“3AM Eternal”) and the Orb (“Little Fluffy Clouds”). Stir in the power and darkness of digital soundscapers such as Lustmord and industrial-metal legends, GodFlesh, and the result is very near to Team VSR's signature tone.

Myriad and mysterious are the themes of their new single, perfectly suited to the foreboding mood of their music.

'The Fall,'” write VSR, “is based on a loose concept of dark ritual, more than anything. The lyrical content leads to the internal dialog between ourselves to embrace the safety of being alone and in the dark. We sometimes find ourselves almost suffocating when we cannot see or understand limits, and finding peace within that chaos is something that interests me.”

“The Fall” by Team VSR is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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