Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Children of Ireland release LP album 'Tubular Bells'


The Children of Ireland have released their debut LP record album, “Tubular Bells,” to broad critical and fan acclaim. The record is an album-wide cover of the original “Tubular Bells” composed and recorded by Mike Oldfield in 1973, this rendition having been performed by Irish children, including those with autism spectrum disorder and various other handicaps. It is comprised of 10 tracks for an approximate total listening time of 50 minutes. It has been released on the Viral Discs and Downloads music records label.

The original “Tubular Bells” album is often first identified as having provided its opening “Overture” for the theme song to the film, “The Exorcist,” but it was also the key official release that gave traction to the then-new music company, Virgin Records, founded by Tom Newman and Sir Richard Branson. “Tubular Bells” by the Children of Ireland has been produced by Tom Newman with co-producer Steve Fearnley, and the talents of famous guitarist, Paul Brett.

The following is taken without editing or revision from a written comment from Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records:

“Without Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells,’ it is quite conceivable that the Virgin Group may never have got off the ground. Without Tom Newman, ‘Tubular Bells’ may never have been recorded. Tom has produced a version with schoolchildren from across Ireland. It’s got its own magic and is well worth downloading. Tom’s idea is to give young musicians the opportunity to re-create classic albums and record them in situ, with many sections actually being recorded in the classroom. Tom and guitarist Paul Brett have set up a new label, Viral Discs and Downloads, and intend to undertake similar projects in the future to bring together children and communities through the power of music.”

Of the project's aims, Paul Brett writes, “'Tubular Bells' by the Children of Ireland very successfully focused kids, some of whom were on the edge of musical apathy, by presenting them with a challenge to master a piece of music that was technically far beyond anything they had previously encountered. They all, without exception, responded with an enthusiasm that all concerned, especially their teachers, found deeply moving. The result of their experience is contained within this album.”

The release of the Children of Ireland’s “Tubular Bells” also commemorates the original Oldfield record and the birth of Virgin Music 40 years ago, but it has taken titanic effort and dedicated commitment, particularly on the part of Newman.

Brett writes, “[For years] Tom took his mobile recording studio into school classrooms and recorded children across Ireland to bring his dream of spreading such iconic albums to young musicians and communities, even countries.”

Newman and Brett are taking every advantage of their built-up inertia, too.

“All profits from the album will be reinvested in a similar project,” they write, “so that we may have a platform to introduce young musicians into the world of popular music. Please support our goals and purchase a copy.”

The LP “Tubular Bells” by the Children of Ireland is available online worldwide beginning 7 November 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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