Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DJ SeanKev has released his latest LP 'SeanKev 1982'


The DJ from New York known as SeanKev has released his latest LP record album, “SeanKev 1982 Disco, Funk & Soul.” The album is entirely mixed in the traditional analog method, which utilizes hi-fi, 12” and 45 RPM vinyl records rather than digitized CD recordings. The result is a warm, true sound that preserves the genuine wavelengths of the actual, live sound captured on the vinyl medium. SeanKev's “1982” LP is comprised of 17 tracks and a mammoth bonus album mix, for an approximate total listening time of two-and-a-quarter hours. It has been released on the SeanKev Records music label.

“SeanKev 1982” is perhaps the only album of its kind to be officially published this millennium, the traditional disco-DJ art having given way to electronic house music DJs perhaps as early as 1990. SeanKev, who is often referred to by his professional nickname, “Doctor of the Mix,” was raised in Queens, NY during the 1980s. His uncle was a DJ for many years and helped to nurture his nephew's musical talent. SeanKev's record collection began twenty years ago, in 1994.

My album is a vintage sound that dates back into the early '80s dance, funk and disco scene,” the artist writes. “It gives you an idea of that raw warmth sound from clubs like the Paradise Garage, and Zanzibar, and Happy Day’s.”

As a child, SeanKev would save his lunch money to buy records.

Even as a youth,” his official artist's bio reads, “he felt that soul music was a way of life and a spiritual pathway to healing oneself.”

By 1995, he had begun creating professional-grade mixtapes that catered to the generation of his elders. As his bio tells it, “The older generation took him in as a son of soul music. While building his vast collection of abstract boogie and funk records, he became good friends with legendary producer, Boyd Jarvis, who was introduced to him through Ricky Wilcock. Boyd, who produced many classics in the '80s dance scene, taught SeanKev about the Paradise Garage, of which SeanKev’s father was a member. With this newfound knowledge, SeanKev realized the true value of the dance culture.”

SeanKev cites as main artistic influences such legends on wax as Tee Scott, Larry Joseph, Boyd Jarvis, Larry Levan and “all the vintage club heads.” Among these greats his name certainly belongs, as any listener will tell you after spending mere moments with any portion of “1982.” Sporting a well-deserved degree of fame in the old-school DJ subculture, SeanKev has mixed with some true modern titans, such as Natasha Diggs, as well as others.

A humble and highly spiritual music artist with impeccable taste and razor-sharp style to spare, DJ SeanKev earnestly believes that the sound of soul music can spiritually heal a person and align their chakras.

SeanKev 1982” is available online worldwide. Get in early, disco, funk and soul fans.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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