Friday, March 8, 2013

Bramble, Allen & Coghlan release flagship new LP “Road 2 Nowhere”

UK rock and blues band Bramble, Allen & Coghlan have released their newest official record, “Road 2 Nowhere.” The album is a full-length LP with exceptional scope and variety, making for an excellent introduction to BAC for music fans yet unfamiliar with the work of this all-star crew. “Road 2 Nowhere” is blues played from the soul, rock played deep down in the groove, and contains unstoppably powerful, brilliant tracks like “Let Your Let Shine” and “Here She Comes” that will hold the album up for decades to come.

To say the album is standard blues and rock would be a grievous error. The 12-bar blues sound is there, yes, and the hot licks are there, true, and the blistering slide guitar solos are also there, certainly, but it only takes two or three tracks for the listener to realize that Bramble, Allen and Coghlan are not your father's blues rock band. Their sound is inimitably their own, and comparisons are difficult to make in order to properly describe them. “Road 2 Nowhere” is a work of absolutely top-shelf musicianship, and of truly inspiring individuality.

Much of this is derived from Ian Bramble's own good-humored, youthful character and singing style, but also from their wild, often surprising compositions. Their song, “Moonlight Slide” is like hearing Lou Reed collaborating with the Rolling Stones (an inexpressibly good thing). “Make a Date” begins by sounding a bit like the Beatles playing blues, but instantly charges forward with a burst of aggression that has a dose of Iggy Pop in it, with Bramble drawling way out front at each verse, “Hey, bay-baw! Please set a date!” The amount of fun inherent in these songs is literally limitless, and the entire album can easily withstand three or four consecutive plays without becoming tiresome – indeed, it's the kind of record one must stop oneself from listening to in order to give other albums a chance.

Bramble writes regarding “Road 2 Nowhere,” “It's about reality and life. Each song means something. Each player gave something, too. We don’t care if it’s not commercially acceptable – in fact we are pleased that it doesn’t sound the same as the stuff that sells in the charts. We loved doing it.”

BAC is Ian Bramble (vocals, guitar, slide, keys, harmonica), Status Quo's John Coghlan (drums), Dave Allen (violin, bg vocals), Richy Hoy (guitar), Nicky Bramble (percussion, bg vocals), and Jeremy Carroll (bass guitar). They are also variously affiliated with Status Quo, The Frantic Four, Bramble & The Banned, The Popes, The Mahones, and Leatherat respectively.

“Road 2 Nowhere” is available online worldwide beginning mid-March, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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