Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The BuzzJellars release new LP record “Sonic Graffiti”

The BuzzJellars have released their flagship full-length album, “Sonic Graffiti,” on Kamilton Records. The album contains 11 original tracks for a standard LP listening time of approx. 43 minutes, and serves as a comprehensive introduction to the work of The BuzzJellars for music fans who may as yet be uninitiated to their repertoire.

The album, appropriately like The BuzzJellars, themselves, is extremely difficult to pin down with a category or pigeonhole. A BuzzJellars set list is as likely to open with a hard-rock anthem the likes of which harkens to the early eighties, as it is to close with a ballad as sweet, natural and earnest as a Tom Petty acoustic track. The record sometimes sounds as folksy and intellectual as a CSNY single, sometimes as raw and rocking as a cowboy-boots and leather-pants rock 'n' roll song, sometimes as bluegrass-inspired and grass-roots American as a jawharp and jug band, yet still other times as as mellow and hypnotic as a collaboration between John Lennon and Bob Dylan.

The lyrics of The BuzzJellars are remarkably well-written, too, and at many moments almost steal the show – but only 'almost.' The guitar work and songwriting in general are consistently excellent. There are lines as evocative in their Americana as a folk legend, such as the description of the place “where the people say you can never find your way, until you are lost.”

This storytelling motif is present in even the very heavy-hitting rock songs that are present on “Sonic Graffiti,” but hits its highest point in less adrenaline-charged pieces. For instance, from the track “The Preacher's Hands:” “I stow away in a town called Nowhere, she tied a knot in her long, black hair, and made her way to her callin' when Jesus came (well, he was right on time).”

In short, the rhythm and groove of each phrase and riff in “Sonic Graffiti” is an absolute pleasure to hear for fans of rock, country, folk, bluegrass, and experimental music alike, and likely a good many others, as well.

“Sonic Graffiti” by The BuzzJellars is available to all the world beginning 10 March 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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