Monday, March 4, 2013

Noveillin releases newest LP “Who's That in My Head”

The South African / American singer-songwriter known as Noveillin has released her newest official album, the flagship LP titled, “Who's That in My Head?” The album contains nine original tracks that comprise approximately 40 minutes worth of listening time. It is the most important collection to date from Noveillin, who has been seriously writing and recording music since 2006.

The tone of “Who's That in My Head” is extremely soft and blue, with an earnestness and warmth overlying all and without being excessively melancholy. It utilizes electrical instrumentation that never sounds flagrantly mechanical or digital, the orchestration of which is uniformly clever, intelligent, minimalist and straightforward all at once. The moods of “Who's That...” tend toward the wistful, the comforting, the reflective and introspective, but for all this depth and complexity of theme never transgress into melodrama.

These emotions are dealt with frankly, too, their themes openly discussed in songs like “Queen of Misery,” “Blame,” “Empty,” and “Nothing Is Certain,” and balanced delicately with beautifying works of optimism and soul-cleansing such as “When I'm in Love,” “Who I Am,” and “Forgive.” It hardly needs mentioning that Noveillin has composed a work of art that is of an intimately personal nature, and if it is true that all great writing has at its core a positively naked honesty, then “Who's That...” is almost certainly one of the best examples for the year so far.

Concerning the album's inherent message for the listening public, Noveillin writes, “I never had a particular message in mind. The music was a way of expressing and moving through a really transformative and isolated period in my life. I was getting down to the nitty-gritty, tired of running from my subconscious fears and anxieties.” The record became for her an avenue of self expression that meant more than mere creativity to her. “It was extremely liberating,” she continues, “to finally admit to myself that I had these [inner conflicts] and in the process of opening to them, they lost their power. That’s how I can call myself the ‘Queen of Misery’ and laugh at it!”

Noveillin's “Who's That in My Head” is available worldwide beginning March 7, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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