Tuesday, March 19, 2013

European music artist x2Proton releases remastered LP edition of “Outerspace Odyssey II”

The digital music artist known as x2Proton has released his newest official LP album, “Outerspace Odyssey II (Remastered Edition).” The record contains 11 original tracks spanning a full 55 minutes worth of excellent playing time, each of them as looming and cosmic as the Milky Way itself. This remarkable remastered edition of “Outerspace Odyssey II” is full of 1970s era beeps and bloops, like those that once emitted from the gigantic, earliest computers, and it is impossible to avoid the feeling of being inside an archaic space capsule floating through the universe while listening. X2Proton's “Outerspace Odyssey II” is clearly one of the most amazing, interesting, engaging and fun works of digital music to come from the industry in decades.

For an example of dark ambient music, one could do no better than the remastered edition of “Outerspace Odyssey II.” It is as magnificent in terms of spaciousness as it is in terms of eeriness, with an overwhelming feeling of enormity and emptiness throughout all. X2Proton is a master of persistent echo and negative presence, making the album something that must be experienced more than merely listened to. It functions perfectly well as background listening, but has more than enough meat for an intent listener to digest from moment to moment.

X2Proton is the brainchild and work of the famous Laurent Boudic, who has been composing analogue “electro-industrial” music since the 1980s, when the genre first surfaced in a widespread form. He has powered with his endlessly creative mind many well-known projects, such as Novo, DeNovo, Genetik System, and of course, x2Proton, x2Proton being his incarnation for producing what is known as dark ambient and electronica. Originally involved with synthetic punk rock music, he switched to more electronic sounds in order to have more structure in his music. Since that early time, he has released albums on world-famous electronica labels such as Germany's PSI49net, headed by the infamous Anthony Rother, Black Montanas Records in the United States, Canadian-based Suction Records, and Sony Music's French subdivision, Distance Records.

“Outerspace Odyssey II (Remastered Edition)” by x2Proton is available worldwide beginning March 24, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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