Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Louis rap artist Beef releases official LP “Beef Presents: Warrior 4 Life: Da Album”

Beef, a hardcore rapper from the north side of St. Louis, has released his premier LP record, “Beef Presents: Warrior 4 Life: Da Album.” The album is an extremely high-value offering from Beef, whose “Warrior 4 Life...” spans an impressive 18 professional and original tracks, none of them remixes from old material, nor remixes of songs on the same release. This chain of urban creativity contains a full 71 minutes of playing time, making it one of the most comprehensive rap releases this year has seen to date, perhaps above all others.

Beef's sound is tough and full of bass tones, his voice sounding sometimes like Dr. Dre, and sometimes like Ice Cube, but always raw and unpolished with studio effects like autotune or other such frills that get in the way of contemporary, pure and true poetry of the street. Beef's themes are entirely direct and mature, also, the record receiving an “Explicit Lyrics” tag for all but a handful of tracks. He discusses the trials and tribulations of having not enough for one's own safety and security on a regular basis, the struggle for life in the modern era, life's beauties and horrors, and many other topics familiar to the various hip-hop subgenres. Make no mistake, however – Beef's “Warrior 4 Life: Da Album” is not a hip-hop record. It is straight-up rap, right from the heart.

Beef got his start in the music industry building music studios. He was inspired to create music (and remains so) by the harsh realities of life, from which many of his lyrics are born. His record holds a message of strength in the face of adversity. “If you're born poor,” Beef writes, “first pray. Stay focused, and give your enemies hell. By any means, stay alive and get monuz!” [sic].

Beef gives thanks to God in his bio, too, though his life has been anything but easy. “First of all,” he says, “I love the Lord because without his help I wouldn't have come this far with my music, you know. And second, I damn sure love the money! I've been poor all my life, strugglin' to survive. I really don't have too much to say. [I'm] just a nigga born and raised in the north side of St. Louis to a [screwed]-up family, and I pray that one day the Lord will give me one good blessing before I die.”

Beef's blessing for the underground rap community is available online worldwide March 20, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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