Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Philadelphia rapper Zaire releases LP “Warrior King”

The rap artist known as Zaire has released his tall-standing flagship LP, titled, “Warrior King.” The album is a collection of nine original tracks written, composed, and performed by Zaire, himself. The digital record features state of the art beats, mixing, and engineering, as well as rhythm and rhyme in the modern classic tradition of the urban underground. This combination is accompanied also by gorgeous melody lines played on a variety of synthesized instruments such as keyboard, organ, and piano.

Zaire's “Warrior King” is a record that comes straight from the heart and soul of a true American poet in the prime of his life. Some of Zaire's themes are indicative of a man celebrating the beauty and splendor of living life to the fullest, while others point to a more introspective, even romantic music artist. In this way, Zaire is capable of writing (and rapping) about scenarios all across the emotional spectrum. One line, from his appropriately titled, “Life Short,” shows his levity of spirit: “Life's too short, you only live once, take a couple shots, live how you want...” In another, far more melancholy track called “Love Taps,” the sorrowful chorus chimes out: “You said last time, was your last time, I'm thinkin' 'last time, you said that last time' – loving you is walking on a landmine.”

Needless to say, Zaire's “Warrior King” is powerful, fun, exciting, and at times extremely moving in ways many music fans will not yet have experienced from a hip-hop album.

This is perhaps due to Zaire's personal life, which once involved growing up hard in the infamous Richard Allen projects area. The Richard Allen was also the home of Bill Cosby and his friend, Fat Albert, but these are the only funny parts of its history. Richard Allen Homes displaced more people than it housed, actually destroying hundreds of occupied row homes as well as the existing African American neighborhood down 11th Street. Zaire's own history is looking up, however, as he is the proud founder and CEO of the Foreva Young company, as well as the artist of this extremely talented record.

“The message my album shares with its listeners is to always believe in yourself, and enjoy life,” says Zaire.

Zaire's full-length digital album, “Warrior King,” is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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