Monday, March 4, 2013

DC guitarist Kenny Kohlhaas releases long-awaited, self-titled LP

The modern legend of Washington DC guitar, Kenny Kohlhaas, has released his self-titled LP, “Kenny Kohlhaas.” It is surprising that Kohlhaas' record has not been released earlier in his career, too, which is as professionally lauded and bedecked with critical accolades as a life in the music arts can possibly be, and he is yet very young. Nevertheless, Kohlhaas has been primed for a major official release for some time running, and now his fans can rejoice that the day is here. The record is a collection of his most important contemporary pieces, all of which feature his unmistakable finesse and stunning precision on the guitar.

For those still lacking an introduction to Kenny Kohlhaas, a short description will suffice: his live performances are like a tour through the most highly regarded musical acts of the twentieth century. His singing voice and style do not sound as if born to the contemporary era, but rather, strike the ear as authentic in a way that does not seem possible. This comes from a lifetime of music appreciation in Kohlhaas that began in his early teens and regarded as high musical art nothing but the most timeless, irreplaceable works, works that stirred him deeply and genuinely. When asked to name some of his most revered musical influences, he peels them off like an ancient Greek hierophant describing the pantheon: “The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Jeff Buckley, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, George Harrison, Larry Carlton, George Benson, Bill Evans...”

As a predictable result, Kohlhaas' self-titled album is a work of great care and heartfelt groove. His rhythms are as unshakable as the sky, his vocals as natural in their passions as a parent's love for a child.

The music is not the only theme behind his inspirations, however. Kohlhaas himself writes of the themes found in his record, “[It's about] life, learning to let go, and learning to move on. It's about realizing that whatever pain you might be feeling at this moment, you have the choice to let it defeat you or to let it make you stronger.”

His long-awaited album, to which he has lent his own name (an auspicious and irrevocable occasion in the music world) is also an assertion of his own musical character, and a call for others to search for their own personas. “It's about finding yourself,” he continues, “your unique voice, your individuality and uniqueness that nobody can copy, and not being afraid to be that person rather than another face in the crowd. It's about forgiveness, healing, finding a bigger reason to live. It's about not being afraid to let the walls down and show your true colors.”

Music fans the world over can hear Kenny Kohlhaas' true colors for themselves beginning March 6, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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