Friday, March 8, 2013

Silverbird Family releases new single “Happy Mother's Day”

The family of entertainers known as The Silverbird Family have released their newest single, titled, “Happy Mother's Day.” The song is a celebration and a tribute to mothers all over the world, and serves as an endearing gift and message that will endure for decades to come. The song is an introductory single from The Silverbird Family, and is intended to herald the coming release of a full-length LP record album to be published at a later date that is as yet unannounced.

The song is happy, jovial, friendly, heartfelt, and most importantly, very thankful and expressive of its appreciation for Mom. The accompanying music video that was written, directed, and produced by The Silverbird family, themselves, is also an adorable work of art that is absolutely appropriate as an homage to mothers everywhere [video available for viewing at the URL provided below]. It also serves as a fine representation of the fun and jubilant high jinks the Silverbirds will be getting up to in the future, as it makes perfectly clear that these music artists are more than merely talented and creative, but also bursting with wholesome charisma and charm. In short, the entire crew seems born for the stage.

This is not, as it turns out, all that surprising. The Silverbirds are a Native American family group in the tradition of the Partridge Family or the Cowsills, namely: parents Mark and Tania, Natasha (12), Richard (10), and Caroline Silverbird (8). Their history in American entertainment is remarkably colorful.

“My great grandfather was a clown,” writes Mark Silverbird of their entertainers' heritage. “My grandfather owned his own circus, and my father was a trapeze artist.” Mark's father left the circus to become a successful singer-songwriter of 10 full-length albums. “My brothers and I have recorded under Capitol Records and Columbia Records. We were under Jerry Weintraub Management,” writes Mark, “and now as the fifth generation of entertainers, our family is releasing 'Happy Mother’s Day.'”

The Silverbird Family's own description of “Happy Mother's Day” follows. The single is available online worldwide beginning March 11, 2013.

“The song 'Happy Mother's Day. was created on a bright sunny day. Written on a
guitar, the melody and lyrics are simple and catchy. Listen to the warm
happy touchy-feely sound that captures the love that a child has for Mommy.

The family-centered video can be seen at

Mom saying how special she is for bringing life into the world. Couldn't
have life without her!

Happy Mother's Day was created on a bright sunny day. Written on a guitar,
the melody and lyrics are simple and catchy.

There is a warm happy touchy feely funness about it that captures the love
that a child has for mommy.

Every person is a child of mom, and mom should be thought of as 'very'
special for giving birth to this world.
Giving birth of this world is the reason why "Happy Mother's Day "IS"
Happy Mother's Day!”

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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