Friday, March 1, 2013

Dibiasi releases newest hip-hop single “Drama Queen”

The hip-hop artist known as Dibiasi has released his newest single, “Drama Queen.” The song is approximately four and a half minutes long and bears the industry standard “Explicit Lyrics” tag for sexual content and strong language. Dibiasi's track is a slick, sexy urban dance track with all the modern trappings of a hit single, and his upward momentum shows no sign of slowing down with this, his most heavy hitting track to date.

Dibiasi was born in Charleston, SC, but has been performing and recording in New Jersey, NJ for many years. His name is an homage to former WWF wrestling superstar, the Million Dollar Man (Ted Dibiase) after whom Dibiasi styles himself “The Million Dollar Dream.” This dream has been altogether realized for Dibiasi, who recorded his first official release in 2005 with Mean Boy Ent., a project collaborated upon with his friend, Young General. This upstart project joined with local urban artist Kamillion and Fu Real Entertainment to create what is now known as Many Men Records. MMR is one of the industry's most popular urban labels in the Tri-State area, boasting such massive talents as Illanoise, All-Out, D-Eastwood, P-Dot, Styles, DJ P Dub, and the aforementioned Young General and Kamillion, as well as Dibiasi himself.

Dibiasi released “Biggest Boss,” a tremendous 14 track LP, in March of 2008. His infamous “Gangsters Ain't This Fly” followed hot on its heels in April of the same year. The single was downloaded as a ringtone over 8,000 times in a single day, and has amassed more than 22,000 downloads since.

Shortly thereafter, Dibiasi was featured on the July cover of Grindahz Magazine. This now-famous “The City Is Mines” cover has had the most views the magazine has ever taken in, pulling over one million readers as of the time of this writing.

Although the press has always been in love with Dibiasi, making music has never taken a back seat to fame in his case, and he remains one of hip-hop's most prolific musicians. His mixtapes stack like poker chips to the ceiling: “Gucci Boys,” Busy Running My City,” “King of the Hill,” and “I Am Busy” being among the latest and greatest. His hit single, “Stoopid,” has been featured on the world-famous radio stations Power 105.1 fm and Hot 97 fm to widespread critical and fan acclaim.

Nevertheless, with all this success behind him, it is “Drama Queen” that stands as testament to the ever-rising star that is the East Coast's one-and-only Dibiasi.

The single “Drama Queen” is available online everywhere beginning March 2, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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