Monday, March 11, 2013

The Rhymestone Cowboy releases new LP “Number 8's My Mate Bro”

New Zealand rap artist The Rhymestone Cowboy has released his newest and principal album, “Number 8's My Mate Bro.” The LP contains 11 original tracks for a total of 43 minutes' worth of playing time. The Rhymestone Cowboy's “Number 8's My Mate Bro” serves as a proper introduction for music fans to this astoundingly talented, inimitably unique rap artist who was raised as a farmer and is a longtime, professional tamer of wild horses. He is literally the genuine article of contemporary cowboy, and is well-noted for performing live from the saddle atop his noble steed at local indoor venues, such as bars.

The selections from “Number 8's My Mate Bro” supply much more variety in composition than a typical hip-hop album. Some of them feel as urban and inspired by the “gangsta” sound as artists from the South-Central area of Los Angeles, the sound of others bearing many similarities to late disco with a rapper for a frontman, the overall effect of these being comparable to Warren G's “Regulators.” One track even comes surprisingly near to a western folk ballad, complete with a lazy banjo keeping melody.

The Cowboy's rhythm and tone are usually very direct and aggressive, in the same tradition of the style popularized by frequent collaborators Jay-Z and his longtime friend, the late Big L. This overtone of independence, ultra-confidence and absolute fearlessness in his delivery is balanced by a sense of irony in his excellent diction, and a constant aura of wit and good humor. An omnipresent intelligence in Rhymestone's writing, however, marked in his flow by sudden bursts of syncopated phrasing that he can turn on a dime and manipulate with the mental alacrity of a fighter pilot, places him in a department reserved for more eloquent rap authorities, such as Tupac Shakur and Eminem. The Rhymestone Cowboy's musical ear and penchant for mixing western themes, too, has much in common with the untouchable rapper and musician, Beck.

“Number 8's My Mate Bro” has a warm, friendly mood to it that is both inviting and brotherly without sounding tender, an effect that would be impossible to manufacture if it were inauthentic. It additionally has a message for its hearers that is as empowering to hear as it is fun to listen to.

“Live a good life,” writes the Rhymestone Cowboy, “and do whatever it is that makes you feel like a giant of your kingdom. Enjoy friends and family, be yourself, and hold no worries.” The final piece of advice from the artist sums up his own individualistic nature: “Do what you do, have fun, follow your goals, and keep on keeping on.”

“Number 8's My Mate Bro” is available everywhere online beginning 12 March 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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