Monday, March 4, 2013

Umbral Presence releases monumental LP “Caelethi I”

The heavy metal band known as Umbral Presence has at last released their formative, most significant LP release, titled, “Caelethi I.” The album contains 15 original tracks and two covers, for a total of nearly 50 minutes worth of music listening. It stands as the most striking example of Umbral Presence's incomparable, avant-garde style of metal to date, and is the best introduction to their music for listeners not yet acquainted.

“Caelethi I” is an explosive, challenging, and remarkably unique collection of extremely heavy metal songs, surprisingly melodic at its core and very listenable for traditional metal fans who find acts such as Napalm Death or Sepultura too twitchy and chaotic for their liking. This is not to say that Umbral Presence distributes no chaos – indeed, their very soul (or the lack thereof) is in the spirit of true occultism, their lyrics well-studied and dark-god evoking, their compositions extremely evocative of the most primal emotions, such as fear, awe, and the fatal curiosity that draws one closer to deeper mysteries best left alone.

“Caelethi I”'s style combines styles of music that should have been paired long ago by a far greater number of artists. The most obvious among these being industrial music, ambient music, and of course heavy metal. This mix is so natural to the ear and produces such a strong, visceral effect that it's amazing the music world is only getting it now.

At the creative heart of Umbral Presence is Noctulius, the famed and insanely talented keyboardist and vocalist of experimental metal band Rakoth (Noctulius' name billed therein as Rustam). Also appearing as an instrumentalist on the record is Lidagon, whose own presence is felt throughout in playing that is excruciatingly expert and precise. Still, Lidagon's stunning work notwithstanding, the keyboarding and composing of Noctulius remains the most prominent feature of “Caelethi I.” For a quick and easy sample of this, one has only to hear a sample from Track 9, “Atazoth,” during which Noctulius outdoes his songwriting by trickling his fingers up and down the keyboard like an Amadeus of darkness, every note seeming perfectly placed, never rushed, always natural and almost beautifully inevitable to hear,

“Caelethi I” will almost certainly strike the metal fan as a shocking discovery, and it will perhaps lurk in the shadows for some time to come, but what remains inarguable is the absolute brilliance that runs in it like blood of liquid onyx. The metal listener would be committing a grave error in missing this seminal project.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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