Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Elegant releases new LP “Call Me Elegant”

The modern reggae artist from Jamaica known as Elegant has released his newest album on the Mind Music Production record label, a full-length LP titled “Call Me Elegant.” The record is comprised of 12 original tracks over a standard, approx. 40 minutes' worth of listening time. It is contains elements of hip hop and African dancehall music as well as the traditional attributes of reggae as it is known today. As reggae it is extremely contemporary, rather than of the old school, and though it is plainly inspired by many of reggae's greatest artists of the former day, Elegant's new record is a move forward with the genre that encourages its growth as an art form rather than revisiting and reiterating the reggae styles of the 1960s.

Elegant is an extremely precise reggae singer, with meaning and tone behind each of his words and lines. No part of his music is unpremeditated. His beats often have a Latin or reggaeton influence, and his instrumentation is often extremely creative, utilizing anything from a squeezebox to a set of bongos. While the orchestration and composition of these songs remains incredibly attractive and fun, it remains Elegant, himself, who steals the spotlight in each track without fail.

The record is not simply music for music's sake, however, and it has specific meaning for its hearers, particularly for Elegant, himself.

“Music is the mainstay of my homelife,” he writes. “My family sings at church and other events. Most evenings after dinner we would sing and tell stories, even when we were doing household chores or talking a walk in the neighborhood.”

The message his record has for music fans around the world is somewhat more complex, and paradoxically very simple at the same time:

“My album represents a snapshot of reality in Jamaica,” he says, “and the impact that these experiences have on the lives of individuals like myself. My music tells the story of the daily trials and tribulations that one encounters in the poor neighborhoods of Jamaica. It speaks of encouragement and endurance with respect to life’s infinite possibilities, and it offers hope in lieu of despair.”

This message is not only for the people of Jamaica, however and of course. Elegant says, “My music helps to soothe the mind and replenish the spirit.”

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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