Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Connecticut rapper HydroVig releases new LP, “Gun Smoke City”

The Connecticut rapper known as HydroVig has released his latest LP, “Gun Smoke City,” on Killacat Entertainment Records. The long-playing album contains 12 original tracks for a standard 40 minutes' worth of listening time. “Gun Smoke City” contains many of the elements that make worldwide hits out of popular hip hop music, but is mainly based on the rap, rhymes and lines of HydroVig, himself, as well as those of his associates, making for what is easily one of the most genuine and legitimate collections of urban anthems to have come out in the last ten years, or more.

HydroVig's lyrics are often explicit, always intelligently written with a quick wit and a sharp, natural sense of rhythm and groove. This natural feel for the beat makes HydroVig one of a small crew of rappers in the modern underground scene, as newer, younger rappers increasingly leave the beat behind in lieu of flashy techniques that do not necessarily lend themselves to a solid cadence. 'Vig cannot be accused of this heresy, throwing out line after line of top-notch writing that not only sounds good, but contains straightforward and premeditated communication – another trait that sets him apart from many contemporary, watered-down hip-hop acts.

The aforementioned associates of HydroVig are many, and each of them are ridiculously talented. On “Gun Smoke City” he is joined by Lex Bubble, Johnny Rich, P. Cante, Joli, and Lil' Sexy.

One unique facet of HydroVig's record is its strong female presence. While the rough and tumble atmosphere of “Gun Smoke...” is certainly well-manifested, as well as other gritty facts of life and tales of urban living, there is a prominent and extremely tangible sexiness to 'Vig's album that many hip-hop records attempt to fake with varying degrees of success – mostly measures of failure. In contrast to this unfortunate trend, HydroVig's “Gun Smoke...,” contains tracks that are hotter than a European red-light district in the summertime, and every one of them has a back beat that drops like a clock with a sledgehammer for a pendulum.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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