Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Composers Jim Carroll and Chris George release triple LP “Cinematic Soundtracks – Epic Themes... 1-3”

Musicians Jim Carroll and Chris George have released their appropriately titled collection of theme music on an epic scale, “Cinematic Soundtracks – Epic Themes For Movies, Vol. 1 – 3.” The trilogy of volumes literally includes scores of scores, the first volume alone containing 18 full-length tracks, for an approximate total of an hour's worth of excellent listening. The wholly instrumental, entirely original compositions are capable of evoking every emotion in the human spectrum, and the myriad variations Carroll and George have included in these albums stagger the music fan's comprehension.

The word “epic” is so well suited to the task of describing Carroll and George's work that the listener can see the sheer scope of their music in his mind's eye, simply by reading titles from Vol. 1: “City Under Siege;” “A Hero's Promise;” “Conversing With God / Redemption;” and “Funeral for a Friend / Payback” are some of the more exciting examples. Among the most vivifying and compelling themes contained in Vol. 1 (which exemplifies the collection as well as Vol. 2 or 3 might) are the frightening and blackly heroic “Dark Pirates,” and the heart-filling “A Soldier's Return.” “Avenging Heroes” demonstrates Carroll and George's familiarity and godlike strength with the strings section, while “Heroes of the Arena” and “Ivan the Terrible” do the same for the electric guitar, as well as showing their versatility in choosing instrumentation.

These songs are not (as yet) employed as the background score to any feature film, and the musical philosophy underlying Carroll and George's “Cinematic Soundtracks...” is to place the emphasis on the music, itself, as a compelling art form that well-deserves its own share of spotlight without being inordinately thrown into the “background,” as such, of some other spectacle.

This is a wonderful development in music appreciation, as fans of cinema soundtracks are often scorned by music collectors as having a taste for something disingenuous or benign, not realizing that music orchestrated for cinema makes up the largest portion of contemporary classical music. Composers such as John Williams and Ennio Morricone, whose most famous works arguably overshadow even the classic films for which they were written, stand as irrefutable proof that the art of scoring music with a scene in mind is one of humanity's finest musical endeavors, and Carroll and George's “Cinematic Soundtracks...” is a marvelous piece of evidence for the same.

“Film music, without the film,” write the creative duo, “is music for the imagination. It tells a narrative much like program music in the classical field. Our music fires one’s imagination with visions of large-scale action scenes, heartfelt drama, sweeping romance, and other genres of the silver screen.” They punctuate their artistic principles with a single afterthought: “It is more than just background music, though. It is an experience.”

Jim Carroll and Chris George's “Cinematic Soundtracks – Epic Themes... 1-3” is available online worldwide beginning March 16, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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