Monday, March 11, 2013

London musician Max Dolan releases “Distant Horizons” EP

English singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso Max Dolan has released his latest EP, “Distant Horizons,” on the Isis Music Group label. The record includes five original tracks over approximately 18 minutes of playing time. It is one of the most definitive examples of Dolan's music since “Lilac Moonrise,” published earlier this year.

Consistent with the rest of Dolan's catalog to date, The overtones of “Distant Horizons” are aeriform and cosmic. The general feel is reminiscent of what the year 2000 came to call “Brit pop” in the United States, which categorized bands such as The Verve, Pulp, and The London Suede. These bands used powerful guitar techniques that concentrated on a song's mood, rather than the showy, look-what-I-can-do soloing popularized by heavy metal, and this principle is omnipresent in Dolan's “Distant Horizons.”

“...Horizons” is also characterized by jazzy percussion that never slips into a basic one-two beat or becomes predictable in the background. These drums are the result of Dolan's collaboration with Kofi Baker (son of Cream drummer, Ginger Baker). Herein is added a strong classic rock element to the record, which plays upon the work of progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes, and others. This is not to say that the EP is easy to pin down with a genre – it is not. The music is Dolan's own, together with Baker, and to imagine that it might sound derivative would be a grave oversight.

Dolan was born in 1985 in Jersey, United Kingdom. He is known for a flashy stage performance that is the result of much obvious skill and time spent honing his inherent talent. This can include such classic stage magics as playing behind his head or with his teeth, such performance flair being more than somewhat rare to the modern stage today. He began his professional career as a session musician for the Jimi Hendrix Experience on the “Experience Sessions” album. His famous arctic-white, Gibson SG Special Limited guitar he has dubbed, “Penelope, the Gypsy princess.”

When asked about the themes of his music, Dolan says only, “What I try and do with my music is to take people somewhere beautiful, in their hearts and in their minds. There isn't a 'message' to it, as such.”

Distant Horizons” by Max Dolan is available worldwide beginning March 15, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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