Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Far From Ya Average releases new album “Stage Crasher...The LP”

The San Diego hip hop act known as Far From Ya Average has released their newest LP record album, “Stage Crasher...The LP.” The record includes 18 original tracks for a total of 75 minutes of heavy-hitting, top-quality listening time, making for an extremely comprehensive listening experience.

Far From Ya Average (often abbreviated FFYA) is very well named, as “Stage Crasher...The LP” clearly demonstrates. Music fans who may have been bored by the last 15 years of hip hop music, which has been repetitious and brutally over-produced by many standards, will be elated to discover this eclectic album by Far From Ya Average. The style and overall sound of “Stage Crasher...” is widely varied and entirely fun. Over the whole one-and-a-quarter hours, it is consistently full of catchy rhythms, brilliant rhymes, and ingenious melodies, and never once gets old.

Far From Ya Average's “Can You Handle This?” is a track that fuses rap with AC/DC-esque rock 'n' roll, the way the Beastie Boyz used to do. On the other hand, their “I'd Rather” song is delivered with the same aggressive confidence and tone of legendary artists such as Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. “Na Na Na,” a particularly upbeat and smile-inducing track, boasts fantastic indie pop elements balanced with a dash of Eminem's humor and groove. One could liken every track on the LP to a different mode of music without overlapping hardly at all. Whether the listener is a fan of hip hop or not, the uniqueness of FFYA's “Stage Crasher...” cannot be denied.

Their philosophy in making music explains their creative drive summarily. When asked about the message their album might carry to its listeners, they write, “You can do whatever you like. You do not have to think inside the box.”

At the core of Far From Ya Average is the remarkably talented trio, K-Rock, Stryve, and Def Shon, the former two being the founding members and Def Shon having been later adopted as a fellow Hypebomb Records artist. Many of their friends and associates are also featured on “Stage Crasher...,” and in the creation of this new LP, none of them were anywhere near that proverbial box.

“Stage Crasher...The LP” by Far From Ya Average is available online worldwide beginning March 26, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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