Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spaceship Days releases new EP “The Thrill of Freefall”

Alternative pop-rock band Spaceship Days has released their newest EP, “The Thrill of Freefall.” The extended-play album is a collection of the band's most polished work and has a modest playing time of approximately 20 minutes, making it the most important official release by Spaceship Days to date. It is the third publicly available SD release, the second being their widely acclaimed LP, “Black Holes and Butterflies.”

Spaceship Days, which is based in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, garnered the Best Pop Artist in the St. Helier Cider Online Music Awards in 2011, as well as being awarded the title of Best Pop Act from Los Angeles' own Artists in Music competition. Their “Black Holes...” LP turned heads all across the country, which is part of what makes “The Thrill of Freefall” so exciting; the new EP serves as an introduction of their impeccably precise and clarion new vocalist, Adam Lee Decker of “American Idol” and “America's Got Talent” fame, and includes the best singles from their lauded second record along with some entirely new material.

The style and sound of Spaceship Days are a well-needed return to the early and mid- nineties, that last era in music before digital engineering made it possible for anyone to record an album through the use of believable synthetic instrumentation (for those without the ability to play an instrument), and autotune (for vocalists without the ability to sing in key). A breath of clean air in today's sullied musical atmosphere, Spaceship Days is honest alternative rock music driven by drums, bass, and keyboard, a guitar carefully gilded with reverb, and a singer with a crystal-clear voice who never waxes showy or pretentious.

Spaceship Days' sound, which varies in terms of mood and tone, but not quality, hearkens to some of the most loved bands of the pre-digital age. They name as main influences the much-underrated Catherine Wheel, as well as Radiohead, Blue October, U2, and others. Among this marinade their songwriting has perhaps kept the characteristics of Catherine Wheel and U2 best – a very, very good thing (and listen for that stupifyingly excellent, Catherine-Wheel inspired guitar in “Hanging from the Satellites,” too) – but their immediate sonic flavor has more in common with bands whose composition styles differ from their own.

Their vocal lines are occasionally reminiscent of the untouchable Tears for Fears, for instance, a likeness that is audible in the EP's opening track, “December,” and to a lesser degree in “Shadow Walking.” The general groove of bands like The Goo Goo Dolls and Keane is also ever-present, albeit with Spaceship Days' unique and individual spin. The all-natural ingredients of “The Thrill of Freefall” are healthy for every music fan's ear, therefore, and if it may be supposed that there's a full-length record from SD on the way, then now's the perfect time to start listening.

“The Thrill of Freefall” by Spaceship Days is available March 16, 2013

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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