Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Singer-songwriter Theea releases concurrent singles “Rockstar” and “Stronger Than a Man”

The singer-songwriter known as Theea has released her two newest and most prominent singles to date, “Rockstar” and “Stronger Than a Man,” concurrently. The anthems are pop-driven, extremely danceable tracks featuring Theea's top-quality vocal talents as their main attraction. They utilize modern digital instrumentation and back beats in their orchestration and instrumentation, leaving the foreground open and spacious for Theea to display her singing in all its glory with a minimum of spotlight sharing to get in her way.

Although the music of “Rockstar” and “Stronger Than a Man” are easily as excellent as any pop sensation on the radio today, Theea's performance on both tracks surpasses all but the best singing on today's modern music market. Her voice is commanding and mature, yet delicate and crystalline. Her delivery sounds heartfelt, passionate, and seems to come as easy for her as breathing. She is entirely capable of singing with a skill and beauty in tone and timbre that is reminiscent of other such natural performers; the simple and unadorned, yet inimitable styles of Gloria Estefan and Michael Jackson come to mind.

The themes of each song, “Rockstar” and “Stronger Than a Man” respectively, are entirely direct and self-actualized, unleashed and unmitigated, revealing the newcomer Theea to be at her core an extremely powerful performer in terms of personality, attitude, and artistic philosophy, as well as in her raw creative capacities. This is perhaps as much an indication of her musical influences as it is a sign of her lofty ambitions and determination as an artist. Among her favorite artists Theea lists Pink, Gwen Stefani, Skylar Grey, Celine Dion, and Shakira, all of whom have perhaps been known for their independent lifestyles and outspoken, devil-may-care attitudes as much as for their musical prowess.

In short, Theea's music is optimistic, invigorating, and vivaciously rebellious, and it is available worldwide beginning 10 March 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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