Monday, March 11, 2013

World5 releases single “Man of Action”

The pop rock ensemble known as World5 (often stylized as WORLD5) have released their newest single, titled, “Man of Action.” The song is the first published single from their forthcoming 2013 LP release, due out in autumn. The song is an extremely catchy, jubilant track with expert instrumentation and brilliant songwriting in terms of both composition and lyrical flair. It is perhaps most important for fans of World5 because it represents the public introduction of recent additions to the band, Grammy-Award winners Pat Hunt (lead vocals) and Randy Miller (bass guitar), both of whom are instant mainstays of “Man of Action's” overall sound and style.

This overarching sound has at its core the songwriting principles of legends such as Genesis, Yes, and The Beatles, whom World5 names as main influences, but the immediate sonic experience of “Man of Action” shares more in common with other great musicians. One hears upon pressing play a rock 'n' roll piano that brings to mind Elton John's “Bennie and the Jets,” or Billy Joel's “Big Shot.” Riding these youthfully insistent keys are the lead vocals of World5 newcomer, Pat Hunt. Hunt's vocals powerfully drive and command the song without dominating it. The timbre and slick classiness of his flawless delivery is perhaps best compared to the buoyant and masculine singing of Huey Lewis.

Complimenting these booming, shining features is Randy Miller's bass work, which lies somewhere between the way-out-front, slap style of late disco-era bassists and the quietly confident work of Gail Ann Dorsey (longtime David Bowie session player). Also integral to the success of World5's sound are a brass section that hasn't been utilized in this gorgeous capacity since The Joe Jackson Band, a funky, beautifully bright-sounding rhythm guitar not unlike the guitar groove made famous by The Jackson 5, and lead guitaring that has the unpretentious, yet spotlight-drawing character of Neil Young.

It needs little explaining that World5's first single from their up-and-coming 2013 LP is promising amazing things, as well as demonstrating that these large promises are, without a doubt, certain to be fulfilled.

“Man of Action” by World5 is available online worldwide 12 March 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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