Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sade Serena releases new single “Tonight”

Hip-hop and pop singer Sade Serena has released her latest flagship single and accompanying video, “Tonight,” to wide fan and critical acclaim. The song is a powerhouse pop single with much more than it takes to get a nightclub's dance floor airborne. With a thumping, whumping back beat driving electric guitars and classic synth chords beneath the glorious, crystalline soprano voice of Serena, herself, “Tonight” is clearly just the first release in a long line of vivacious and mesmerizing albums to come.

The “Tonight” video, which was directed by Bobby Viera and produced by Russell Lafreneire, shot on-location in Los Angeles, CA, showcases Serena to be a classy, sultry chanteuse with a penchant for living life to the fullest. Looking like a elegant and sassy cross between Gwen Stefani and a young Halle Berry, Serena instantly proves herself as charismatic on the screen as she is enchanting when soaring from stereo speakers.

Sade Serena, who got her start performing professionally in Florida, has recently come under the wing of Uprize Music Management, who has overseen the awaited release of “Tonight” on Def Jam Digital Distribution. With her career ready to skyrocket at a moment's notice (and very likely without notice altogether), Serena still maintains a humble and somewhat humanistic perspective of her art.

“My music has to capture those moments in your mind that make you feel happy and confident in the real you,” she has said, an insight into her proud bearing that one can't help but be entranced by while watching her video. “I want to be a storyteller and spread love with my music. I also want to be teacher and share my lessons with my listeners.”

It is much to Serena's credit that she can be so truly excellent at her craft and keep such laudable goals in mind. If “Tonight” is any indication – which it cannot fail to be – Serena will have an awfully large audience to love and teach in a very near future.

Sade Serena's “Tonight” is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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