Monday, May 20, 2013

Calling All Astronauts releases new LP 'Post Modern Conspiracy'

UK alternative rockers Calling All Astronauts have released their latest LP title, “Post Modern Conspiracy.” The album sports 14 new, original tracks for a running total of approximately 50 minutes' playing time, making for a very comprehensive rock record. The sound of “Post Modern Conspiracy” takes nods from several rock subcultures, most notably the Goth-industrial scene and post-punk movements, though Calling All Astronauts has a sound all their own. The record is a shadowy, high-octane, dancefloor-friendly collection of anthems, songs which rock, roll, and blast from speakers with the power of Panzer blitzkriegs.

Shockingly, this volatile chemical combination is the result of merely three musicians from London, David B. (vocals, keyboard, digital instrumentation), J. Browning (guitar), and Kristi Bury (bass). Their sound takes elements from myriad post-punk and industrial groups to concoct something new and upbeat, which results in a fun and intelligently violent sound that recalls bands like the Sisters of Mercy, New Order, NiN, and The Prodigy. Not unlike many bands of that underground ilk, Calling All Astronauts is music set to brilliantly penned lyrics. Their songs are filled with relevant social commentary, a poignant sense of humor, and a healthy disrespect for authority. They are more than mere adrenaline – and though their verve would have been enough – songs by CAA are often worth thinking about.

Calling All Astronauts have recently been performing with resurrected legends such as Pop Will Eat Itself and Echo and the Bunnymen, with which bands they are extremely well paired. Their placement on ReverbNation's Alternative Music Chart has consistently stayed at No. 1 for weeks on end. Their radio play has reached the US, Canada and Brazil in the Americas, as well as Poland, South Africa, and Australia. British stations such as BBC 6Music, Q, Amazing! Phoenix and Bloodstock Radio have also been spinning Calling All Astronauts, and they have also been featured on Ireland’s RTE 2XM.

This excellent LP by these early standout favorites of alternative rock music is sure to become the foundation of a long list of such excellent records, but there's no reason for a music fan to wait.

“Post Modern Conspiracy” by Calling All Astronauts is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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