Saturday, May 25, 2013

M.A.C. releases new LP 'Dream'

The music group from Washington state known as M.A.C. have released their newest LP record album, titled, “Dream,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. It is being released on the Planet 3 Jams record label. “Dream” is comprised of 19 new, original tracks mainly falling in the popular subgenre of electronic dance music called dubstep, though M.A.C. is known for deviating from standard norms when they see fit, resulting in some surprising and delightfully unique compositions. “Dream” is the most significant and anxiously awaited record from M.A.C. to date, and represents an excellent introduction to this ambitious, creative music trio.

M.A.C. stands for Many Are Connected, and is the collaboration of Roc Omega, Andy Cantrell, and Chris S., who are based in Marysville, WA. Their music is characterized by the digitally rendered, industrial overtone and mood that acts as the mainstay of dubstep music, blanketed over aggressive back beats and bass lines that make for excellent dance music, both for personal listening and a club atmosphere.

Regarding the themes of “Dream,” M.A.C. wax poetic. They write simply, “No music, no life. Close your eyes, feel the vibrations, love the feeling.”

This direct relationship with their music is an attribute than runs throughout their new record. M.A.C. is a cult of music worshipers. They revel in their sound. They play in it, live in it. Upon being asked to describe their musical inspirations and main artistic influences, they reply, “Nature, life, the human eardrum, touch, laughter, smiles, and all musical artists and the likes of.”

The album itself is accessible to fans of dubstep and newcomers alike, and is certain to be one of a series of such albums from this up-and-coming powerhouse crew. They promise to publish three additional records in the wake of “Dream.”

This is our world, so open your mind,” they like to say, meaning that the inhabitants of planet Earth would benefit from a broader understanding of the place we all call home.

Our goal is only to get the music out,” they write, “to have everyone open their minds and see what they are already a part of. This is our world, it’s time to step inside.”

Dream” by M.A.C. is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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