Monday, May 13, 2013

Styx Growler releases debut solo EP 'Let's Growl'

The France-based solo artist Styx Growler has released his debut solo EP record, titled, “Let's Growl.” The album is comprised of six original tracks for an approximate total of 25 minutes' worth of listening, making for a comprehensive extended-play debut. Growler's record is ostensibly pop, entirely danceable, absolutely maniacal music. Coming from left field at every turn, Growler's first offering is endlessly fun, delightfully irreverent, artful, ingenious and extremely clever listening.

The sound of “Let's Growl” is varied, spreading from French dance-club style electronic dance music (158 BPM for Track One) to Bowie-inspired groove rock, even to a pop sonnet composed with the sensibilities of Elton John, circa “Benny and the Jets.” A strong undercurrent of Radiohead is present in Growler's voice, which is an impetuous-sounding blend of Thom Yorke and Bowie with all the melodrama stripped away, leaving a more genuine, direct chanteur who commands each song with a natural skill and endearing, intelligent persona.

It is this real-life persona of Growler, in fact, that is the largest draw to “Let's Growl” by far. Growler's blazing character makes the color wheel look beige. There is a bona-fide, punk-rock soul in his performance and songwriting that is well meaning, yet outrageous and unconscionable. His music has the spirit of the satyr, but also the mind of a laughing philosopher. The album's closing track, “The Selfish Generation,” is a good example of these two attributes working together.

Sounding like a cross between an EDM song and a track by The Clash, it runs: “Just do it! (Thank you, Nike.) Just do it! (Forget about your children.) Just do it! (Forget about the consequences.) Just do it – do it – do it! … We are the selfish generation.”

Another, more introspective song describes the source of Growler's whimsical nature:

“Maybe I was wrong to chase my dreams, but I kept my self-esteem … I'm satisfied.”

Speaking himself of the themes expounded on “Let's Growl,” Styx Growler writes on four individual lines the following:

“Life is beautiful.
Life has many shades.
Challenge your challengers and your challenges.
It’s good to be alive.”

He completes his short interview by stating his overarching life's goal.

“I want to make smiles, and to prove that money can’t buy happiness,” he writes.

The remarkable EP “Let's Growl” by Styx Growler is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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