Tuesday, May 28, 2013

R 'n' B singer Wayne Marshall releases new LP '3rd Visit To The Bedroom'

The R 'n' B singer known as Wayne Marshall has released his latest LP record, titled, “3rd Visit To The Bedroom,” to the uniform delight of critics and fans alike. It has been published on the Love Making Music record label. It is comprised of 12 all new and original tracks for an approximate total playing time of 45 minutes. It is a deeply romantic album with intimate themes and erotic undertones, all of which Marshall sings about in his exquisite and precise style over relaxing back beats and the occasional piano.

The evocative title of Marshall's “3rd Visit To The Bedroom” is plainly spoken and suggestive of what the album portends, but it has a deeper, less obvious meaning.

“It raises the question,” Wayne Marshall writes, “if a male player visits the same female’s bedroom three times in a row, does it mean he has quit the dating game and has finally fallen in love?”

Marshall lists as his main artistic influences the likes of legends such as Burt Bacarach, Stevie Wonder, Mavado, R-Kelly, and Bob Marley. Of these, all are exhibited in Marshall's style and writing on “3rd Visit To The Bedroom,” and there is a lightheartedness throughout the record that certainly recalls the high-spirited work of Marley and other such performers. Marshall's previous releases have been far more reggae-inspired, however, “3rd Visit” being an R 'n' B record of the highest caliber.

Marshall's accolades are many, and read like a shopping list of grand accomplishments. He was 1995's Black Music Award Winner for Best Single, Best Album, Best Newcomer, and Best Male Artist. His 1996 duet with Pauline Henry, “Never Knew Love Like This,” was a Top 40 National hit and no. 15 in the Music Week dance chart, released on Sony Records. “Your G Spot” reached the Top 30 National U.K. list and was number one for 12 weeks in the Urban Street Chart with sales upwards of 80,000. 1995's “Spirit and Slow Grind” was a Top 40 National hit and no.1 on the Urban Street Chart for 3 weeks. Over 50,000 were sold.

Wayne Marshall's reggae career has been storied and remarkably successful as well, but his new R 'n' B album is sure to turn heads around the world.

“3rd Visit To The Bedroom,” by Wayne Marshall, is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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