Monday, May 13, 2013

Lori Nebo releases new EP 'Love Vibrations'

The chanteuse known as Lori Nebo has released her newest EP record, titled, “Love Vibrations.” The album is a rhythmic, groovy collection that showcases Nebo's delicate voice as its main attraction, featuring also a widely varied instrumentation, deeply inspired songwriting, and strikingly heartfelt performance. It is Nebo's latest, greatest, and most significant official release to date, one that is certain to be followed by a full-length LP in a matter of time. Until then, “Love Vibrations” is comprised of six original tracks for approximately 25 minutes of delightful listening, enough to content all but the most needy Nebo fans until her next official release.

Nebo's music borrows flavors from a variety of cultural influences, including R 'n' B, Latin, disco, soul, and even a dash of hip-hop. Not surprisingly, her music lends itself very well to dancing, but still revolves around her own vocal performance, which is flawlessly elegant, beautiful, and even endearing.

Her statuesque, feminine character pours through her voice with a tone that recalls Ella, and an innocence in timbre reminiscent of Debbie Harry. Nebo's voice on “Love Vibrations” is clarion, delicate, and youthful. Her overall tonal quality is not unlike that of R n' B songbird Teena Marie, whose mezzo-soprano trilling captured the hearts of audiences in the late 70s and early 80s.

Nebo's new record has a warm and loving set of messages to the world, which she lays down track by track. She writes of her lyrical inspirations that she intends to communicate a “Spreading [of] love vibrations throughout the Universe.” This particular theme is the focus of the EP's fifth track, “Sending you A Hug.” Her track, “Shout out To The Troops” is Nebo's way of “saying 'thank you for serving,' and come home safe! We're praying for peace!”

Not all her tracks are so innocent, however. “[My song] 'Wild Thing' is about having a love that you keep under cover if he’s too wild to tell mom about,” she says, adding coquettishly, “but eventually it will be revealed.”

Lori Nebo's talent is obvious, and eventually, she too will be revealed. Better to get in before the real crowds form.

“Love Vibrations” is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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