Thursday, May 16, 2013

Motorfinger releases new EP 'Coming in Clear'

Oslo alternative rock band Motorfinger has released their new EP album, “Coming in Clear,” to uproarious fan acclaim. The record is the most significant release from Motorfinger since their 2011 debut EP, “Best Of.” “Coming in Clear” serves as an excellent introduction to listeners who have not yet experienced Motorfinger's uniquely anachronistic, yet modern grunge sound, and promises also to solidify this remarkable crew of Norwegians in the annals of alternative music in short time.

The sound of Motorfinger is like taking an excellent element from each of the legendary grunge bands and forming something entirely new and wholly contemporary. Their charging guitars are sometimes chunky and low-slung like Alice in Chains', sometimes melodic and epic sounding, like Mother Love Bone's, and sometimes simplistic and couched in power chords, like Nirvana's. Their drums are crashy, smashy, groovy, and Grohl-ian. Maurice Adams' vocals are a cross between Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, and occasionally even recall those of Serj Tankian (System of a Down). Their compositions are reminiscent of other great alternative bands of the era as well, such as early Tool, Helmet, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Motorfinger's absolutely gorgeous reincarnation of the grunge sound is not an accident. These musicians clearly love the classics, and have openly noted for the public their intent to pay homage with their music. Their band name is, in fact, a nod to Soundgarden's third and most significant LP, “Badmotorfinger.” The album cover for Motorfinger's “Coming in Clear” is a spoof of Nirvana's famous “Nevermind” cover, which showed a baby swimming after an American dollar bill. “Coming in Clear's” cover shows a dog swimming for a hundred-dollar note. A work of rock wizardry, Motorfinger have single-handedly resurrected a style and tone that only went away because nobody good enough ever emerged to replace the bygone artists who first founded the alt-grunge movement – until now.

Not more than three-plus years old, and having yet to release a debut LP record, Motorfinger is already breaking through to international audiences. The instrumental version of their track, “Come On,” from their “Best Of” EP has been selected by producers for major television placement in the USA. It is scheduled for airing in Q3 of 2013.

“Coming in Clear” by Motorfinger is available online everywhere beginning spring of 2013.

Motorfinger is:

Maurice Adams – Vocals
Tommy Fossli – Guitars
Morten Felumb – Bass
Jon Anders Lundh – Guitars
Jonas Dale – Drums

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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