Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rex Ivy releases new LP 'Mood Swings'

The chameleons of music known as Rex Ivy and Moot Booxle have released their newest LP album, titled, “Mood Swings,” to broad critical and fan acclaim. The record is comprised of 12 new songs for an approximate total of 50 minutes listening time. True to Rex Ivy's remarkable form, each song is fundamentally different from the others, and Rex's vocals significantly change from track to track, making for not only excellent listening, but also extremely creative and consistently entertaining music.

The versatility of the Rex Ivy band cannot be overstated. Some tracks sound like the music of Merle Haggard, others like that of The Doors. When they wax jazzy, Rex Ivy is capable of the class and style indicative of Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, or Neil Diamond. His rockabilly edge is reminiscent of Nick Cave, Elvis Presley, and Roy Orbison. The facets of Rex Ivy are seemingly infinite, and “Mood Swings” (aptly named) provides an excellent showcase of the combined creative powers of Moot Booxle and Rex Ivy, himself.

An overarching principle of quality shines throughout the record. It is not a coincidence. Ivy writes of this, “When writing and creating these songs, our intention was to convey thoughts and emotions that many people could relate to. We feel that there is a lack of true, heartfelt authenticity in popular music today, and that people are hungry for something real, so it is our responsibility as artists to give that to them.”

“Mood Swings” gives that quality to the listener, and much more. Although Rex Ivy's main attraction is a wide, colorful range and musical elasticity, the perfection of each song arguably deserves more credit. Ivy is more than capable of writing an entire LP in any of his wonderful styles, and any such record would be among the best albums in that particular genre. Also worth noting is that while he takes great pleasure in diversity, there remains a thread of consistency running through the set that makes these surprising changes fun and delightful, rather than jarring.

“Mood Swings” by Rex Ivy and Moot Booxle is available online everywhere beginning spring of 2013. It is an album of singular artistic merit, and one no music fan should miss.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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